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Moving/Saving Blog

Well, I have found out we are being tossed out to word press.
I have tried to "save my blog- Just click here" three times
and three times the Zip file has been empty.
I will migrate but only to provide my links below for my friends
to find. ((HUGS)) to all of you. Hope to see you on the other side-
But what I can see on the forums I would wait a bit to move your blog-
they seem to be having problems!
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So much to catch up on!

I went away for a few days…
377 miles away up north.
The weather was beautiful every day.
Took the auto up Mt. Cadillac
and hiked around.
Watched the sail boats float by from the kitchen.
Ate mussels that tasted like candy
and rich lobster.
No internet,TV,cellphone,no long distance phone.
(sorry, but I felt quite unnerved by that)
I loved the fresh air and quiet.
Myst loved the house.
When I got home I felt like I was
in a cluttered closet.
Mom gave me the biggest hug.

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When the water rushes out
you know you better head
for high ground.
Because a tsunami is coming…


Dad’s sick.

He got better!!
He needs new slippers though- barfed on them.
He sounded nice & strong & they have him
on a "sick" diet that he doesn’t like (ha!)

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Crazy! days of summer.
I have read that dementia people are antsy and boy are they right.
Every day this week mom has wanted to get out.
I haven’t set up day care for her yet because I want to wait
till I get back from my vacation.
Yes, vacation!
I am making up a calendar, scheduling visitors to take
mom out for the day but I only have 3 of the seven days booked.
My sister here just doesn’t want to commit!
Oh sure she says she will call her, but that isn’t good enough.
Yes, it’s boring and trying, but come on.
Mom has conjunctivitis and going over to put drops in her eyes
every 4 hours is a BIG PIA– Gotta put pants on & go down the hall
blah! And she will NOT keep her fingers out of her eyes!!!!
The repeated questions are enough to send me right to nuttyville
when I take her to the store. *sigh* oh well.
Got my geek on today playing with my first Auto GPS.
Not in the car, mind you, just downloading maps & a fun little
silver car icon that looks like my car
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I get heatstroke SO easily.
Go for a walk and next thing you know
I am on my way to passing out- but not before I
have to get moving because my bowels have decided
to, well, evacuate. And let us not forget keeping myself
from puking. All this happens at once!!
UGH how embarrassing!!
Especially like last Sunday when I’m just sitting at
an outdoor wedding. Next thing I know my head is on
the table passing out,hoping all the other symptoms will go away
because I cannot get up to go to the restroom. My
head was on fire & my body was cold…
I’m sorry people– but these things do not happen to me in the
winter. Yes, getting a chill can be terrible, And yes, I do feel like
I’m going to have a heart attack shoveling snow. But I do not feel
like I am going to die like I do when this happens to me several times
a summer! Is there no place to live where the temps are friendly
all year round?
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I was awake alot last night.
I am confused about leaving my mother
for a week. A trip to heaven on earth.
I’m uneasy about it and I don’t want to
ruin my friend’s trip with my difficulty relaxing.
My sister says she’ll come over & call her to remind
to take meds….
Why can’t I let go?

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